I just returned from a road trip to Vancouver Island where I taught a 5-day workshop on Blockprinting on Fabric and Surface Design at Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. Every summer artists from all over the world flock to the campus of Pearson College for two weeks to enjoy a variety of workshops offered at MISSA. Pearson College is situated by the ocean with seaside veiws from every classroom! MISSA offers workshops in, painting, pastels, drawing, mentorships, pottery, ceramics and printmaking annually. It was so lovely to connect and meet other artists and art instructors and to share in our enthusiasm for all things creative.

This was my first time teaching a 5-day workshop and I loved the pace of being able to go deeper into the process of block-printing on fabric that the 5 days offered. I taught the principals of value, color harmonies, texture, and design as it related to printmaking and fabric design. We ended the workshop with a collaborative print and it was so amazing that I actually got goosebumps!

Value, black, white and greys, positive and negative space.

Color and color harmonies, rainbow rolls, 2-part printing

Backgrounds, texture

Design principals

Printing with other material such as potatoes, styrofoam, elastics, fruit and veg. This fabric is created using the natural shape of a potato.

Collaborative print

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