Feeling lost with abstract painting.

Making abstract art is very different than painting something with a representational image. First of all abstract painting is more about mark-making, color, patterns, design principles and creating differences and then responding to them. Metaphorically the process is more like walking in a thick forest and having an idea about where you would like to go but worrying that you might be lost rather than walking a path with a set out starting point and a destination. I find when I am working on an abstract painting there is always a moment when I look at my painting and I am not sure what to do next, or I think it looks like a horrible mess and then I wish I had taken up nursing instead of being an artist. This is when  I try something and it makes things worse rather than better. I find this is the time to take a break and go do something completely different like go for a walk, have a cup of tea, make lunch or read an art book. I find when I step away for a while and try not to think about my painting invariably I get an idea on how to move forward with it and it begins to turn a corner. The more paintings I create the more I realize this is part of the painting process but even with this realization I still experience that moment of anxiety that is followed by panic but I also have learnt to trust that an idea will come that will help me to resolve it.

Mixed Medium 16x20 Mo Hamilton
Theater Mixed Medium
Mo Hamilton

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